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How To Increase Web Security

Your website is your hardest worker, your most reliable asset and your top-grossing salesperson. But, it also may be your most vulnerable asset to attack.

First thing that comes to mind is hackers, but your website should also be secure from competitors and others. If you have an e-commerce website then web security is obviously crucial; but even if you have a contact form, take user submissions or have a database of customer information you need to make sure your website is safe and secure.

The best way to secure your website is with an SSL certificate. Websites with an SSL usually have an https:// in their domain name and modern browsers display a lock icon in the address bar showing that your site is secure. This makes users feel confident using your site, and if you have products for sale, making a purchase.

Adding an SSL or Secure Socket Layer is an industry standard method of encrypting your website files. This is good for your website's users because it keeps them and their information safe and it's good for your because customers feel safe visiting your site.

See how easy it is to secure your website: SSL Certificates and Website Security












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