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How To Advertise a Service

We've worked with landscapers and plumbers, repair men and electricians, doctors, lawyers, dentists, auto mechanics and thousands of other service providers across the country. The consensus is that these are the top 3 products for promoting a local service.

1. Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a sure fire way to get your message to the right people. With direct mail you can pinpoint your target market with ease. Need to find homeowners? No problem? Looking to advertise to renters, the elderly, homes with children, people with special interests? Direct mail is one of the only advertising solutions that can make sure everyone in your target market gets reached and advertising dollars aren't spent on promoting your service to the wrong demographic.

Another important aspect of direct mail is geography. You can target a zip code, neighborhood or radius around your business to ensure the highest response rates possible.

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2. Door Hangers

Want to reach a specific area but don't want to pay for postage? Door Hangers are a great way to do it! It's no wonder why restaurants, delivery chains and home service companies of all kinds use Door Hangers. They work!

Door Hangers result is a very high-response rate for two reasons. First, they are targeted to the right area. Door Hangers can be placed on the doors of homes near your business or in your service area to increase customers from day one. They are also successful because they are almost always read. Someone has to take it off the door, right? We then design your Door Hangers to have a memorable headline and a compelling call-to-action. Combine that with a great discount or special offer and you'll be on your way to growing your service based business in no time!


3. Vehicle Decals, Window Perf & Vehicle Magnets

If you're the kind of service professional that is on the road, why not advertise on the go?

Service professionals of all kinds know the secret to maximizing their advertising dollar. You should too! Your vehicle or fleet of vehicles can be used as valuable advertising space! Whether in traffic, parked or at a service call, your vehicle should be attracting new customers.

Here are three great products for advertising on the go:

Vehicle Decals

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Window Perf

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Vehicle Magnets

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